This website is an archive and a celebration of the work of Ragroof Theatre from 2003-2012. Please visit The Ragroof Players website for current work

We all at Ragroof feel we hold a responsibility, as a generation, to preserve and record people’s stories and reminiscences for the future. Reminiscence has been a core tool in creating our theatre work.
Reminiscence sessions we have orchestrated have ranged from informal chats over a cup of tea and cake, to more organised group gatherings which, we have devised and lead.

We relish the words we listen to, and believe that exchanging different life experiences brings joy and is a wonderful thing for all involved.

The ‘Documentation Booth’ and ‘Button Museum’ are both examples of how we archive memories, and the performance work we create is a testament to the willingness of the people we have met to let us into and to share their lives with us.

Reminiscence sessions can be arranged as a project within a larger work, or as a one-off, standalone event. We have visited groups of elderly people in various different care settings, residential homes, day centres and at people’s own homes. In the past we have adapted the sessions to include creative writing, and intergenerational workshops.