Come to the Cabaret

Need a short performance piece – or selection of pieces – for your event? Ragroof to the rescue. We can provide short cabaret performance turns, walkabout characters, or dancefloor displays tailored to your needs.

  • The Ragroof Theatre Players present various period cabaret & music hall acts including tributes to Laurel & Hardy, Flanagan & Allen.

  • Hire the Disc Jockey for Discerning Dancers, Desert Ivan Discs, who plays for afternoon tea dances: Foxtrot, Waltz, Quickstep, Tango & Latin…and late night revels: Rock & Roll, Big Band Jazz, R&B & Latin Beats
  • Ragroof are also able to provide a PA system and dance floor for all environments, indoors or outdoors

Associate Artists

  • Dorothy’s Shoes, Mistress of the Dance and Ragroof’s resident dance teacher and choreographer can be engaged to teach dance classes to prepare you for your special event, and/or be hired for the night to co-host or MC the event and lead off the dance
  • The Gentlemen Friends, Burlington Bertie and Champagne Charlie can be hired to perform a number of delightful turns, including The Gentlemen’s Tango, Bertie and Charlie’s Charleston, and The Battle of the Travoltas