Parties, Balls and Special Events

Party Time! Ragroof Theatre can provide all the entertainment you need for a themed party, wedding or event. We can create packages that include a DJ, a dance teacher and entertainment leader, and up to eight dancers or performers. We can also teach ‘instant dance classes’ and present numerous specialist dances themed to different eras or places.

Below is a list of possible themes, but if you have something else in mind, try us!

  • Charleston and Black Bottom for a flappers’ evening set in the Roaring 20s
  • In the Mood 40s Forces special: Swing, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Jive
  • The Glamorous Heyday of Ballroom Dance: an evening ball or afternoon tea event featuring gorgeous gowns and dance displays
  • A stirring Bulls Blood evening of Hispanic Tangos and Paso Dobles
  • Bossa Nova, Mambos, Boleros and Jazz for a smoochy Latin nightclub soiree

We have the music, the dancers and the dance teacher for all the above. It’s your party – you choose! We can create a whole evening’s entertainment for you, or just an hour or so as you wish, involving upwards of two company members.

Click here to see examples of the dance routines we can offer.